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Design, Sound, Portability

A portable organ is a valid alternative to a organ of large dimensions and is an instrument which represents the best solution both from the economic and artistic points of view.

The strong point of this instrument is the rational planning of all the parts and the accurate production starting from the prime materials of the highest quality.

When purchasing one of these instruments one is in the possession of a unique work handmade according to the highest rules of art knowing that the economic investment involved will not lose its value over the years. Above all, an organ of small dimensions is perfectly suitable to accompany choirs and orchestras and to back liturgical functions in that it is a complete musical instrument and does not require electronic help in amplifying the sound.

sound: The great three- dimensional sound of large organs becomes the heart of this instrument. In order to contain this great potential in a small space it is not sufficient to re-dimension large complex musical machines but it is indispensable to create a new flexible project where each component is re-dimensioned and calculated in a precise and rational manner. Only through the use of the best metal alloys, of the correct wood, of an accurate intonation of each single register , and a strong, precise and sensitive mechanism can one obtain an instrument of the highest quality....
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design: The fascination of a musical instrument is fruit of the harmony of its components. The study given to its form and the materials is originates from the wish to renew the habitual and repetitive designs, all this, together with the flexibility of the entire project, contributes to the realization of a complete object which can be easily adapted to the multitude of contexts in which it can be inserted. In short: It is good to see and also good to listen to..
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