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The Design

A Big Sound, Portable
The portable organ is an instrument that is well suited to a variety of contexts. The way it looks, is what makes it unique and suitable for the environment that hosts it.

Hence the desire to unite the instrumental part with a project of design making the strong point of the instrument it’s beauty.
To obtain a well cared for design object requires careful study of the details trying to arrange all the component parts harmoniously.

The project, which is closely linked to the needs of the internal components of the instrument, starts from the raw materials of the highest quality with the identification of the woods that are best suited to the construction of the cabinet.

We present an idea that has in it the desire to move away from the traditional rules that today characterize the market for portables; in this way it has been chosen to work with a combination of wood and fabric where mahogany and velvet blend , giving the cabinet a strong sense of depth while maintaining an essential line.

This is made possible by the reflection that the light generates when hitting the surfaces of both the mahogany and velvet creating an intentional three-dimensional visual effect as well as a unique tactile experience; the smooth surface of the mahogany meets with the softness of velvet.

The design must then take into account the need to combine beauty with the functionality of an object both in terms of construction, and maintenance; each component must be easily repaired or replaced.

The choice of materials and shapes can not therefore be regardless of the construction techniques; our decades of experience in the construction of cabinets rests on essential techniques and rules of construction from the past and has evolved with the desire to offer new lines processing the endless possibilities of shapes and combinations.

Creating a flexible and personalized project actually makes this instrument an object of a thousand "faces"; our goal is to build the right instrument for the context in which it is to be inserted.

Combining brushed and oiled oak with printed leather you obtain an instrument with highly modern lines; opting for a softer veined wood like walnut, polyester polished and combined with a jacquard fabric, you get an instrument which is suitable for elegant and classic environments.

These examples describe a wide range of choice of wood, fabrics, leather and shapes to make the instrument "your instrument".

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