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The Sound

A Great Sound... In A Portable Organ.
Technical features:

to create a body of quality, quality raw materials are essential. All woods used are mature and are chosen according to the needs of the construction and functional parts.
The hides are all tanned naturally and the thickness is regulated by hand, by a specialized tanning company with more than two centuries of experience in the production of leather for organs. The metal rods are built from layers of metal cast in sheets according to the highest rules of art, rolled and welded by hand. The metal alloys with which the plates are cast, are chosen in function of the register to be produced in order to obtain the highest quality of sound and the desired timbre in each register. Also important are the measurements chosen for the barrels and the texture of the metal, which is why each register has its own alloy.

The sound quality stems not only from the construction quality of the individual rods, but in particular on their rational arrangement on the wind chest and inside the instrument. The great Cavaillé – Coll said, that in order to play a flue or pipe well , it must have enough space around it and, paradoxically, you should be able to walk around it. In our organs all the rods are positioned so that they have the necessary space to be able to "talk" unimpeded around the mouth and are all easily accessible for tuning operations . The volume inside the cabinet is appropriate and dimensioned so as not to hinder the formation of sound.

The wind chest, the heart of the organ, is made of solid Sipo mahogany with mahogany and bass-wood covers laid in three layers to prevent warping. It is of the "pull" type with slats in solid mahogany; the secret is in the solid bass-wood with cedar ventilators trimmed with sheepskin and felt. The cedar ventilators have the considerable advantage of having a very low inertia in their operation due to the low specific weight of cedar wood all to advantage of the agility and precision in musical performance. The power supply system of the wind is placed directly under the pin block and connected to the same through a suitable duct of the length of only 5 cm; consisting of a bellows bag made from solid spruce and covered with goatskin and sheepskin; the whole is powered by an electric blower.

The pitch of the registers is very accurate and designed to give maximum flexibility to the instrument. Our Portables are born with the possibility of having different phonic dispositions : so you can personalize the instrument arranging it according to your needs, choosing among the various possibilities.

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